Call for Proposals: Philosophy of Mathematics Group Sessions at APA Divisional Meetings

The Philosophy of Mathematics Association is an affiliated group of the 
American Philosophical Association and as such is invited to organize 
sessions in the group program at APA divisional meetings. The PMA has 
held such a group session at the 2020 Eastern meeting, and is hoping to 
make philosophy of mathematics symposia a regular component of APA 
divisional meetings. Please submit your proposal for a 2- or  3-hour 
symposium on a topic in the philosophy of mathematics via the following 
link by July 30, 2020:

Proposals should be submitted online at

Proposals will be vetted by a joint committee of the PMA and the 
Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (APMP), and successful proposals will be scheduled for inclusion at a 2021 APA divisional meeting.  A proposal 

  • names, affiliations, and email addresses of organizer and speaker
  • short abstracts (up to 200 words) for the session
  • confirmation that organizers and speakers commit to attending the meeting
  • whether the session shall be held at the 2021 Central (February 24-27, 
    New Orleans) or Pacific (March 31-April 4, Portland) meeting

During the COVID crisis it is of course not easy to predict whether 
these meetings will take place, or whether they will take place 
face-to-face or in some online format. The APA is currently planning to 
hold in-person meetings in 2021, but is also considering alternative 
formats. In case the meetings do not take place, PMA and APMP will 
ensure that the online versions of the symposia are advertised widely.